To the Silent Heroes

Losing a loved one or getting over their departure is never easy. Some choose to stay in the grief for a longer time while others move out of it. That doesn’t mean that their sorrow is less from any aspect. Even after this long grieving period, one has to start their life again, so why not to do it at the earliest so that our soul can be healed without much damage.

Even I have been through this time, I cried whole night. It continued for almost two weeks or so. Whereas the same thing happened with my friend but she handled it gracefully. When I look at her, I can sense her pain, a gap filling her heart that she is trying to fill. But she is moving on with the time, she is breaking the monotony of cruel life that was laid upon her.

There is much like her in this world. Those people are living their life despite the sorrows.

I have huge respect for such silent heroes.


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