Review of “Animal Farm”—George Orwell

                                             Review of “Animal Farm”—George Orwell Theme : - Power & control Pages : - 112 Rating : - 3.5 A must read for everyone The plot was enticing enough to make the reader turn pages. The author explained all characters and their journey beautifully with a hidden meaning or lesson. It was a gripping and fun read. Summary :- Mr. Jones, a lazy drunkard, owns a farm. He and his men use whips to control animals and make them work hard. The head of the animals, an old pig but intelligent and well-respected, Major, before dying, gathered every animal on the farm and shared his dream of a world where animals are happy, well-fed, treated with dignity, and not ruled by humans. He urged every animal to contribute toward this goal. Soon, two pigs Snowball and Napoleon, and other animals attacked Mr. Jones and his men and ousted them from the farm. Snowball then wrote seven commandments for the welfare of the farm and animals. But, Napoleon betrayed Snowb


                                   REVIEW OF “ THE ASSOCIATE” -- JOHN GRISHAM ★★⋆ Lead Characters:- Kyle McAvoy:-  A bright law student at Yale who has many job offers from several law firms including Scully & Pershing; the topmost law firm in NY. Other characters on Kyle’s side: -  his dad, his mom, his friends from college, Elaine, his friends for Scully & Pershing, his lawyer, FBI agents, Partners in Scully & Pershing Bennie Wright: -  Kyle's blackmailer with unlimited resources and every possible information regarding Kyle and everybody around him. Other characters on Bennie’s side: -  Few goons, few partners in crime, and who knows who else. Plot: -  The plot revolved around how Kyle follows Bennie’s order and slowly began plotting against his blackmailer. Most of the pages dedicated to how law firm works and their main concern of billing the clients as much as possible, and lives of associates and partners. Bennie blackmailed Kyle to get into Scully


 Being alone in the crowd of people, Being blind among rush of souls, Being deaf to worldly noises,  That's how I want to stroll.. ❤❤RavinS❤❤

❤❤ Gratitude & Love ❤❤

  The untamed fears lurking in the night, looking for a moment to sweep away the peace, will keep haunting until your soul would feel immersed in gratitude and love.                                                                                                          RavinS❤❤

❤❤Beauty of Life❤❤

 Life is beautiful, but the melancholy of beauty is that it comes at a cost.  We have to fight for it. True beauty lies in the journey itself rather than in destination.  ❤❤RavinS❤❤

An Emergency Routine

  When your daily routine is disturbed due to unforeseen reasons and the backup plan that pulls you up on the track is emergency routine. Having emergency routine can pull you back on the track. It should be a simple and easy to follow when you don’t have energy or will to do anything. It should be something specific and short that can be done without much effort yet keep you on track. RavinS❤❤

Saving my Day

    Waking up early is a difficult task in itself, so a big shout-out to both those who are doing it and who are working to achieve that goal. It is not an impossible task but requires plenty of willpower for execution. I was a late riser too, and I drove and pushed myself almost every day to wake up early, but it wasn’t working well for me. There were days when I would wake up early, and there were days when I would leave my bed too late and disappoint myself. Of course, there are days when I retire to bed late, resulting in waking up late. I ended up ruining my whole day. So, I have come up with a few things to do to help set my proper waking time, which is:-   I finish my dinner maximum by 08:30 PM. No screen time is 10:00 PM. I keep my water, gooseberry juice, Aloe-Vera juice right next to my bed so that the first thing I do in the morning is to drink them without any fail. I put a book beside me which I have to read in the morning. My journ