Review of “Animal Farm”—George Orwell

                                            Review of “Animal Farm”—George Orwell

Theme: - Power & control

Pages: - 112

Rating: - 3.5 A must read for everyone

The plot was enticing enough to make the reader turn pages. The author explained all characters and their journey beautifully with a hidden meaning or lesson. It was a gripping and fun read.


Mr. Jones, a lazy drunkard, owns a farm. He and his men use whips to control animals and make them work hard. The head of the animals, an old pig but intelligent and well-respected, Major, before dying, gathered every animal on the farm and shared his dream of a world where animals are happy, well-fed, treated with dignity, and not ruled by humans. He urged every animal to contribute toward this goal.

Soon, two pigs Snowball and Napoleon, and other animals attacked Mr. Jones and his men and ousted them from the farm. Snowball then wrote seven commandments for the welfare of the farm and animals. But, Napoleon betrayed Snowball and took over the farm. Napoleon and his underling Squealer brainwashed the farm animals in every way possible to get maximum work out of them while not giving them enough to eat. Whosoever tried going against Napoleon was executed on the spot. A horse named Boxer, who was loyal and hardworking, was sent to a slaughterhouse when he was unable to work due to an injury. Squealer altered the seven commandments for the pigs' benefit and brainwashed other animals into thinking that they were the same from the starting.

In the end, pigs started walking on two legs, dressing like humans, and turning crueler and more oppressive than Mr. Jones.

By Ravin ❤❤


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