Word Power

Words, Oh my words
Make some noise and be heard
With power to control the world
You can change the frame of the herd
It is the time when we should be loud
For now is the need to look around
To tore the pages of injustice
And bring about the light
Do not stay put behind the bars
Feel free and spread at large
But beware of the influence you can impart
Always stand with the truth and don’t fall for any trap
Words, oh my words
Make some noise and be heard.

I will Go On and On....

I will go on and on For it to meet me at the other end Where will my search end? Where will I find what I am struggling for? How will it give me peace? What matters the most is what you have right now How you cherish that time with it. Sitting on the rooftop, I was thinking about the guise that wind takes It sways along the present line to get to the future, forgetting about the past Not concerned about the tolls that high buildings, forts, towers make on it. Will I be able to pass the turmoil like this? Will I be guided? If my paramour is with me then I will sway like wind stretching the boundaries to reach my depth.



The Subconscious Mind

Daily Journal Entry  date 9/5/18
Subject:- The Subconscious Mind (My findings from Daily Reading)

“For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he.”
It means that whatever you think in your subconscious mind, you become that in reality. Whatever affirmations you are passing through your mind become your reality. Stop feeding your brain with negativity. Start imagining the things that you want to have. Start living in the imagination that you are thinking in the deepest corner of your mind. Let your imagination be your reality. The things that you are getting are as a result of the information that you are giving consciously or unconsciously to your brain. If your brain is capable of giving you so much just on the bases of your negative thoughts alone then think about the possibility of achieving your goals with your positive imagination alone.
How you can do it:- 1.Start with making your own affirmations. It could be anything but it should have to be simple enough for your mi…



What is bragging? Why do people brag? What is the motive behind it? What are outcomes of this?
Bragging or boasting is talking about one’s own self excessively with pride. The person wants to show others that he is more successful, happier, energetic or whatsoever good as compared to them. It is a bad habit that is addictive as well. It is often a picture of stubborn and rude behavior as well. Such kinds of people are often termed as “drains” and people try to ignore them. It is a constant need for a satisfaction that makes people brag. In order to increase their status, they brag; whereas deep inside they are empty. They rely on others for the survival of their ego. But the results are often dreadful. People who are around such people try to ignore them, build hatred feeling for them, curse them, etc.
However, we should not disregard the other side of the story. Such people are in constant need of attention or approval from others. They do n…

Black Rose

I cannot be the red rose But even a black rose is admired If that is true, The worth will be realized someday Owing to the patience held to be understood If not today, it will happen one day

The End of Search

Behind those closed doors, I can feel myself,
Behind the loud music raging in my ears I can still feel myself
Beneath that quilt, I can sense myself
Under the layers of these clothes, It is me
As I went deep inside myself to my heart It was you
Watching myself throughout the day,
It is you who I came to in the last.
That is where my search ends.