Warmth of the Nature

Its time to grab my book and pen To write for the nature that slays I love the chirping of birds I love the breeze that flows I love the crepuscular rays All this gives me inspiration I want to fly high in the clouds And want to write poem of their beauty All that beauty around me Made me baffled How can I embrace it for eternity? How can I make it mine? It can’t be chained, it can’t be bound
We have to cherish it and let it spread the warmth all around

A Guarding Angel

What to do after you You have gone so as my life too Can’t even breathe Without you by my side Can’t even blink Without watching you by my side Can’t even walk Without holding your hand Can’t even smile Without you being reason behind Though you aren’t in here But you will be my guiding angel for life.

You and Me ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

It was nasty fight We get through it We swore not to do it again But it happened twice Now what to do with the things Should we compromise? Yes if we love each other but no for the burdened love We were both waiting for the answer The hearts were chained with the reality We both knew the fact At the end of the day, we get together As apart we can’t stay                              ♡♡♡♡RavinS♡♡♡♡

Father.. A Bearer


Conditioning Of The Brain

Have you ever come across the questions like what to do with the two hands that God has given us? What is the main purpose of the brain? The hands that God has given us are to push aside the obstacles that come in our way of achieving our goals. The brain that we possess is to stimulate positive responses whenever we encounter the obstacles and it provides us with the solution to overcome them. So the brain is the master mind and we have to condition it for our own good. There is nothing like bad or good in the world. If the thing serves our purpose then it’s good otherwise it is bad. So it is our brain’s response towards the things. So if we condition our brain to stop latching on the negative side and start constructing the dreams with positive things then we will be able to be on the top notch. Think of everything as a stair towards your aim and soon you will realize that everything that happens around us is pushing us or guiding us towards our goals. Most of the people that succe…


1.    Get up by 6 or 6:30 AM. It is the golden rule to have more time for you.
2.    Do a little bit of stretching and exercise or at least go for a walk.
3.    Get a good bath.

4.    Pamper yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.
5.    Make yourself a good breakfast because you deserve it.

6.    Get ready for the day. Dress perfectly and smell nice.
7.    Go to your work and greet everybody with a big smile. Don’t forget to take their names. It makes the bond stronger and you will be benefited in long run. Trust me.
8.    Plan what you will accomplish today. Keep it less so that you can feel energetic all through the day. To-do list can be improvised later as well. So for the first time, keep it short.

No Thief in REAL

The surge was so heavy that I was no longer able to bear it. I shook it off and entered the house from the back door. I was surprised to that the door was open. Why these people have not cared about closing it. Well, it felt into my side. I opened it very slowly so that even squealing won’t be loud to wake anybody. The Lights were off and I was taking footsteps carefully. There were cupboards halfway on the walls and a center table approximately 5-6 meters long and 4 meters wide. I slid my hand covered with gloves on it knowing that it won’t leave any clue there, just to investigate about the material on the table. It was a solid table with wooden cupboards beneath and ceramic top. I carefully slid inside in the main hall. It was huge magnificent. The drops of perspiration were shining on my forehead. I was tensed and scared as to what will be the result. I bumped into a flower vase and it felt down. I was shocked with the noise it has made but to my surprise, none was awakened. There…