It is a dream for everyone to wake up with a fresh mind and innovative thoughts. I dream of that too and for that, I have chosen a different lifestyle which I would like to share with you all. Some of the tips will be known to you but a bit lazy to apply. So here we are laying down few simple tips:-
1.    Water: - Yes, water is the key to the healthy start of the day. So drink at least 1-2 glasses of water in the morning.
        Now the problem lies in the part that few of us are lazy enough to get out of bed and get a glass of water, so for all my fellows, you can put a water bottle right next to your bed and when you wake up, drink it.

   Less effort and more benefit.
2.    Brush up your teeth. Use good quality toothpaste for that. You should do dental floss as well. Good breath is necessary to feel fresh.
3.    Now get your yoga mat and do yoga or you can do some exercises as well. We will discuss exercises pose in the next article. Exercise will help you stretch your muscles and fill …

❤❤Your Love- My Solace ❤❤


❤❤❤❤Love Dimension❤❤❤❤

❤❤❤❤With you, I am in another dimension
and that is my personal favorite LOVE DIMENSION ❤❤❤❤

Mother- "My Precious"

Poem from a guest blogger:-

Mother! Mother! Mother!
My dear Mother
not worried about other,
just for the family
my dear mother! mother! mother!

You are very special to me
Thanks to God for giving me you
you are the best among others
my dear mother! mother! mother!

You are mother like other mothers
you are rose like other roses
but you have something special
Oh my dear mother! mother! mother!

I have no words to compare you with
I have no words to thank you with
I have no words to praise you with
Just I can say is that

Whenever I come on this earth
come to me as a mother
Oh my dear mother! mother ! mother!

A guest blog from our very own young, fresh, talented and sweet little group member
and the gem is Ishman +Kamal Dhanjal   (guest blogger)



To the Silent Heroes

Losing a loved one or getting over their departure is never easy. Some choose to stay in the grief for a longer time while others move out of it. That doesn’t mean that their sorrow is less from any aspect. Even after this long grieving period, one has to start their life again, so why not to do it at the earliest so that our soul can be healed without much damage.
Even I have been through this time, I cried whole night. It continued for almost two weeks or so. Whereas the same thing happened with my friend but she handled it gracefully. When I look at her, I can sense her pain, a gap filling her heart that she is trying to fill. But she is moving on with the time, she is breaking the monotony of cruel life that was laid upon her.
There is much like her in this world. Those people are living their life despite the sorrows.
I have huge respect for such silent heroes.

Poem of Success

Poem of Success