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Marriage or Love??

Love without marriage; is it possible? 

When two people love each other, they crave for each other’s company. The love between them is beyond explanation; I will not able to justify that love within the perimeter of my words. But my brain is churning over the fact that whether love is complete without marriage or not. Whether marriage is not required to fulfill the destiny of love or not. These thoughts are very confusing. 
On one side, I think that love is free of any limits, no conditions can bound it. On the other side, a strong belief in the marriage made me think that that it can strengthen the love bond even more. 

Which side can we choose?


The wind blew strong with the waves roaring like a bear
My fingers and limbs numbed from the icy air One wrong move and my life would disappear Fear not, for time is at a stop, and what appeared? A mirror?  A mirror with reflections so clear Me a boy?  In a time when hope was near! So suddenly It dawned on me the path to steer And the boy spoke aloud so yes I did hear Never give up he screamed!   Deeper the breath I pulled back my tears Land ahoy!  At last my heart filled with cheer How close to death I had come... If for not for that little boy in the mirror.
By J. T. Prichett

Repaint Your Life

Repaint your life every day so that there will be no room for the sadness anymore. Always try to discover new ideas to keep yourself happy. Love yourself and your life because both of them are precious. We all have too many problems but if we are able to find even a small portion of happiness then we have killed tons of negativity around ourselves successfully. Don’t rely on others for your happiness because nobody will be able to do the things that are quite meaningful to you. Only you are the one who can do that. So go and do whatever it takes to make you happy.
When we love someone, we look forward to them for our happiness and we often forgot that they are also expecting the same from us. Some people make these mistakes and put the whole of their relationship to their partner's shoulder. They start blaming their better-half for whatever bad is happening in the relationship without realizing that they themselves have not done anything to keep that relationship on track. That is where the things fall apart. If your partner is performing his responsibilities even then your connection will grow weak by the time. So it is quite evident that anything whether it is you or your relationship, demands your attention and time. If you truly want something good to happen then don’t depend on others to make things right for you. Start doing whatever best you can do. It will surely make some difference.
Stay positive and work hard for your own fair share of happiness.
Not every sad poem comes from strained heart Not every happy poem comes from euphoric soul Because some choose toe make the world a happier place
And some let the world know of other’s sufferings…