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love and faith

Walking down the aisle, June asks herself, whether she has chosen the right path or whether she will be swinging forever between what she desired to have and what she has received. Her father accompanied her and they both proceed towards the stand of bishop. She was looking like beautiful flake of snow that has engulfed whole whiteness of the season and her hair were tied in a bun and there rest a beautiful piece of hair pin, made of ivory and blue crystals, what a fine masterpiece, crafted all by her mother, Lina, a perfectionist in making jewellery. Back of her dress was all lacy and her beautifully toned body was supporting the attire very well. Relatives and other visitors present in the ceremony were in awe after having a glance of her.  As she raised her eyes to have full look of the arrangements that Roy, her future husband, has made, she was thrived to see such a vintage look that he has given to the place. It was beautiful day of spring, Greenery was all over the place, as sh…