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Self Help

We often try to get help from the external sources to sort out our problems but we forgot to realize that the solution resides within ourselves. We have to question our self to get the right answer. Our gut feeling or instincts are very powerful. When we think of starting a new project, we have a gut feeling about that work and that very first feeling is the only answer that we keep looking for everywhere.

So stop and talk to yourself and get yourself on right track.

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Let's help each other..

Grab a notebook and pen. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Writing helps you in relieving the vague thoughts from your mind. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit outside in the evening and enjoy the views. After some time you will feel free and relieved. Now, concentrate on those aspects of your life that are creating the ruckus. Some of us will be tired of same work routines; other might be disturbed because of their unhealthy relations. There will be so many causes that are creating blunders in your life.  Pick one among them that need your immediate attention. Write down why it is bothering you. List all of its disadvantages and advantages as well.

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share and so that we can help each other...
He was frustrated again,
She was listening to him,
A feeble smile on her face but crying hard inside
Not showing him the scars he was giving her unknowingly,
Because she has seen his ragged soul very clearly
He wanted her to say out loud that she loves him
She was waiting for his turn to come early
Their love was losing voice in the vacuum surrounding their relation
All that she wanted was him in his life
But he has already bestowed his life to her and her only.            
(By Ravin S)
Come close to my heart and listen, It is your love that makes my soul glisten I was wandering here and there in search of true love Without knowing that here in your presence it will blossom. Our paths crossed and we met by chance, And our love strengthened as the time advanced. 
I tried flying away from the bond as I am a free spirit,
But your love held me close to earth, to where I actually belong.