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Traces of Happiness

Light is vanishing from every corner Where have you gone? I am left behind to track the traces of happiness How much far to go? How much more to explore? My strength is dying inside Come back and give me some hope To live the life with all I have, With all you have left behind Show me the way to find you For I have lost the zeal Lost the desire to live without thee Come and hold my hand Drag me out of the drain Bestow me with thy love And the dream of you embracing me

Live your Dreams

A dream is made of several thoughts knitted together to form a beautiful world that is able to give divine comfort. The people often stop their selves from day dreaming, but why? Why we are afraid of watching dreams with open eyes? The great artists, writers and thinkers let their mind wander in all direction and as a result, they give the world a beautiful masterpiece. So, why we are blocking ourselves? Let your mind stray and collect those spectacular thoughts so that you can fly in your own world.

Let your eyes see the dreams. May your dreams come true.

Warmth of the Nature

Its time to grab my book and pen To write for the nature that slays I love the chirping of birds I love the breeze that flows I love the crepuscular rays All this gives me inspiration I want to fly high in the clouds And want to write poem of their beauty All that beauty around me Made me baffled How can I embrace it for eternity? How can I make it mine? It can’t be chained, it can’t be bound
We have to cherish it and let it spread the warmth all around

A Guarding Angel

What to do after you You have gone so as my life too Can’t even breathe Without you by my side Can’t even blink Without watching you by my side Can’t even walk Without holding your hand Can’t even smile Without you being reason behind Though you aren’t in here But you will be my guiding angel for life.

You and Me ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

It was nasty fight We get through it We swore not to do it again But it happened twice Now what to do with the things Should we compromise? Yes if we love each other but no for the burdened love We were both waiting for the answer The hearts were chained with the reality We both knew the fact At the end of the day, we get together As apart we can’t stay                              ♡♡♡♡RavinS♡♡♡♡

Father.. A Bearer


Conditioning Of The Brain

Have you ever come across the questions like what to do with the two hands that God has given us? What is the main purpose of the brain? The hands that God has given us are to push aside the obstacles that come in our way of achieving our goals. The brain that we possess is to stimulate positive responses whenever we encounter the obstacles and it provides us with the solution to overcome them. So the brain is the master mind and we have to condition it for our own good. There is nothing like bad or good in the world. If the thing serves our purpose then it’s good otherwise it is bad. So it is our brain’s response towards the things. So if we condition our brain to stop latching on the negative side and start constructing the dreams with positive things then we will be able to be on the top notch. Think of everything as a stair towards your aim and soon you will realize that everything that happens around us is pushing us or guiding us towards our goals. Most of the people that succe…


1.    Get up by 6 or 6:30 AM. It is the golden rule to have more time for you.
2.    Do a little bit of stretching and exercise or at least go for a walk.
3.    Get a good bath.

4.    Pamper yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.
5.    Make yourself a good breakfast because you deserve it.

6.    Get ready for the day. Dress perfectly and smell nice.
7.    Go to your work and greet everybody with a big smile. Don’t forget to take their names. It makes the bond stronger and you will be benefited in long run. Trust me.
8.    Plan what you will accomplish today. Keep it less so that you can feel energetic all through the day. To-do list can be improvised later as well. So for the first time, keep it short.

No Thief in REAL

The surge was so heavy that I was no longer able to bear it. I shook it off and entered the house from the back door. I was surprised to that the door was open. Why these people have not cared about closing it. Well, it felt into my side. I opened it very slowly so that even squealing won’t be loud to wake anybody. The Lights were off and I was taking footsteps carefully. There were cupboards halfway on the walls and a center table approximately 5-6 meters long and 4 meters wide. I slid my hand covered with gloves on it knowing that it won’t leave any clue there, just to investigate about the material on the table. It was a solid table with wooden cupboards beneath and ceramic top. I carefully slid inside in the main hall. It was huge magnificent. The drops of perspiration were shining on my forehead. I was tensed and scared as to what will be the result. I bumped into a flower vase and it felt down. I was shocked with the noise it has made but to my surprise, none was awakened. There…

Deception in Love

Waiting near the window, she wiped her tears He will never come, she consoled her heart It was her deed that they are suffering For Lord can only forgive her of her deceive Bounded in the ego she slid through the time Now she wants the time to stop, But she had made the mistake and She has to pay it back. She looks at the moon and cursed herself Either close my eyes or stop these tears Take my body but give wings to my soul So that I can fly to my paramour So that I can fly to my only paramour

Helping... Part-2

How to help each other?             Part-2
Let’s not confine ourselves to our own social circle. There is a whole lot of people outside as well. We can be out there to help them. In this case, “The more the merrier”. So reach out to the people who really need your help. Sometimes, your simple words can mean the world to another person. Let’s not bound ourselves to one thing or one person when we can help several people. Friends, peers and nears may leave you for your good or their own good but your kindness will stick with you. Let the kindness prevail.

How To Help Each Other

How to help each other?
Is it easy to talk to God? I have tried many times but I can’t. Does that make me a bad soul or I am just ignorant towards the signs God is sending me? I always wished to talk to the Almighty and ask him few questions but that was not easy and still, I am struggling for the same. Few corrupt souls in front of me are living peacefully while; few of good souls are even scared to laugh. Why such disparity and who creates it? If the God is creating everything then why He is not maintaining balances between the two different people? People who are just confined in their own world and think that only they are helpless while others are enjoying, why can’t they see rest of the world? Everybody is living their own fair share of hell, why can’t everybody else understand it and help each other to get the life back on track? Why despite having so many sufferings, people are still on the same old path of foolishness? These are the questions for which I am worried and want an…


It is a dream for everyone to wake up with a fresh mind and innovative thoughts. I dream of that too and for that, I have chosen a different lifestyle which I would like to share with you all. Some of the tips will be known to you but a bit lazy to apply. So here we are laying down few simple tips:-
1.    Water: - Yes, water is the key to the healthy start of the day. So drink at least 1-2 glasses of water in the morning.
        Now the problem lies in the part that few of us are lazy enough to get out of bed and get a glass of water, so for all my fellows, you can put a water bottle right next to your bed and when you wake up, drink it.

   Less effort and more benefit.
2.    Brush up your teeth. Use good quality toothpaste for that. You should do dental floss as well. Good breath is necessary to feel fresh.
3.    Now get your yoga mat and do yoga or you can do some exercises as well. We will discuss exercises pose in the next article. Exercise will help you stretch your muscles and fill …

❤❤Your Love- My Solace ❤❤


❤❤❤❤Love Dimension❤❤❤❤

❤❤❤❤With you, I am in another dimension
and that is my personal favorite LOVE DIMENSION ❤❤❤❤

Mother- "My Precious"

Poem from a guest blogger:-

Mother! Mother! Mother!
My dear Mother
not worried about other,
just for the family
my dear mother! mother! mother!

You are very special to me
Thanks to God for giving me you
you are the best among others
my dear mother! mother! mother!

You are mother like other mothers
you are rose like other roses
but you have something special
Oh my dear mother! mother! mother!

I have no words to compare you with
I have no words to thank you with
I have no words to praise you with
Just I can say is that

Whenever I come on this earth
come to me as a mother
Oh my dear mother! mother ! mother!

A guest blog from our very own young, fresh, talented and sweet little group member
and the gem is Ishman +Kamal Dhanjal   (guest blogger)



To the Silent Heroes

Losing a loved one or getting over their departure is never easy. Some choose to stay in the grief for a longer time while others move out of it. That doesn’t mean that their sorrow is less from any aspect. Even after this long grieving period, one has to start their life again, so why not to do it at the earliest so that our soul can be healed without much damage.
Even I have been through this time, I cried whole night. It continued for almost two weeks or so. Whereas the same thing happened with my friend but she handled it gracefully. When I look at her, I can sense her pain, a gap filling her heart that she is trying to fill. But she is moving on with the time, she is breaking the monotony of cruel life that was laid upon her.
There is much like her in this world. Those people are living their life despite the sorrows.
I have huge respect for such silent heroes.

Poem of Success

Poem of Success

New Definition of Inner Peace for New Generation


That is ME

Share your definition Guys and Dolls...

Loving yourself is very Important

You have lost your strength somewhere between the fight of what do you want and what people might think of you. Your strength lies in your decisions, your happiness’s and nothing else. Why concentrating on the people who are not part of your life, who are nothing but the spectators. We are not here to showcase our talents to those who even don’t know about that. We work, we laugh, we eat, and we sleep just for the sake of our own. Yes, we do care about the people whom we love the most but that doesn’t mean we have to live our life their way. It is our life, our decisions and we have to live with that. We can not make everyone happy so it is better and advisable as well to make yourself happy. What will be the consequence of practicing this theory; some people will detach their-selves from you, you will be losing some of your loved ones but at the end of the day, you will be surrounded by like-minded people and with the people who will love you truly and unconditionally. 

So, we have to…

A Mysterious Creature and I

Last Sunday, I was taking a walk around the garden and I came across a butterfly bearing dark brown outlines and black circles on the lower half of the wings and three to four small circles on the upper half of the wings. But to my sadness, one of her wings was little broken. I thought of helping that creature. Then, I caught it and put it on the rose flower that was near to the ground. I was admiring the view. After few seconds, I noticed that the butterfly flew a little to sat on the higher flower and then again to the leaf next to that flower. Keeping up with the slow pace, butterfly reached to the highest flower. I was noticing that whole incident and one thing struck me that we all need a little push in our lives. A trustworthy support system is required to get us out of the difficult situation. But one should keep in mind that unless we don't give our input as well, we won't gain anything. Once we have realized which path we have to follow, we can make progress even if w…

Marriage or Love??

Love without marriage; is it possible? 

When two people love each other, they crave for each other’s company. The love between them is beyond explanation; I will not able to justify that love within the perimeter of my words. But my brain is churning over the fact that whether love is complete without marriage or not. Whether marriage is not required to fulfill the destiny of love or not. These thoughts are very confusing. 
On one side, I think that love is free of any limits, no conditions can bound it. On the other side, a strong belief in the marriage made me think that that it can strengthen the love bond even more. 

Which side can we choose?


The wind blew strong with the waves roaring like a bear
My fingers and limbs numbed from the icy air One wrong move and my life would disappear Fear not, for time is at a stop, and what appeared? A mirror?  A mirror with reflections so clear Me a boy?  In a time when hope was near! So suddenly It dawned on me the path to steer And the boy spoke aloud so yes I did hear Never give up he screamed!   Deeper the breath I pulled back my tears Land ahoy!  At last my heart filled with cheer How close to death I had come... If for not for that little boy in the mirror.
By J. T. Prichett

Repaint Your Life

Repaint your life every day so that there will be no room for the sadness anymore. Always try to discover new ideas to keep yourself happy. Love yourself and your life because both of them are precious. We all have too many problems but if we are able to find even a small portion of happiness then we have killed tons of negativity around ourselves successfully. Don’t rely on others for your happiness because nobody will be able to do the things that are quite meaningful to you. Only you are the one who can do that. So go and do whatever it takes to make you happy.
When we love someone, we look forward to them for our happiness and we often forgot that they are also expecting the same from us. Some people make these mistakes and put the whole of their relationship to their partner's shoulder. They start blaming their better-half for whatever bad is happening in the relationship without realizing that they themselves have not done anything to keep that relationship on track. That is where the things fall apart. If your partner is performing his responsibilities even then your connection will grow weak by the time. So it is quite evident that anything whether it is you or your relationship, demands your attention and time. If you truly want something good to happen then don’t depend on others to make things right for you. Start doing whatever best you can do. It will surely make some difference.
Stay positive and work hard for your own fair share of happiness.
Not every sad poem comes from strained heart Not every happy poem comes from euphoric soul Because some choose toe make the world a happier place
And some let the world know of other’s sufferings…

Self Help

We often try to get help from the external sources to sort out our problems but we forgot to realize that the solution resides within ourselves. We have to question our self to get the right answer. Our gut feeling or instincts are very powerful. When we think of starting a new project, we have a gut feeling about that work and that very first feeling is the only answer that we keep looking for everywhere.

So stop and talk to yourself and get yourself on right track.

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Let's help each other..

Grab a notebook and pen. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Writing helps you in relieving the vague thoughts from your mind. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit outside in the evening and enjoy the views. After some time you will feel free and relieved. Now, concentrate on those aspects of your life that are creating the ruckus. Some of us will be tired of same work routines; other might be disturbed because of their unhealthy relations. There will be so many causes that are creating blunders in your life.  Pick one among them that need your immediate attention. Write down why it is bothering you. List all of its disadvantages and advantages as well.

Let me know what is bothering you so much so that we can sort it out together.. write us at

share and so that we can help each other...
He was frustrated again,
She was listening to him,
A feeble smile on her face but crying hard inside
Not showing him the scars he was giving her unknowingly,
Because she has seen his ragged soul very clearly
He wanted her to say out loud that she loves him
She was waiting for his turn to come early
Their love was losing voice in the vacuum surrounding their relation
All that she wanted was him in his life
But he has already bestowed his life to her and her only.            
(By Ravin S)
Come close to my heart and listen, It is your love that makes my soul glisten I was wandering here and there in search of true love Without knowing that here in your presence it will blossom. Our paths crossed and we met by chance, And our love strengthened as the time advanced. 
I tried flying away from the bond as I am a free spirit,
But your love held me close to earth, to where I actually belong. 

Just Like That

“Hey, open the door.” He said as he peeped in from the window glass. She was staring right at him through window glass, unaware of his identity even her own also. She was trying to remember who he was, suddenly she thought of him as a serial killer of whom she had heard yesterday on the radio. She was scared. She was out of options to help herself. She was waving her hands signaling him to stay away from her but he was trying hard to convince her for opening door. She grabbed the phone and called 911 for help. Within a coming minute, police were there. He was scared to see the sight in front of him. One of the policemen grabbed him and pinned him down on the grass. He kept on saying that he was innocent but all in vain. She stepped outside the house along with a policeman. “Yes, he was trying to kill me. He was knocking the door so hard that I almost got a heart attack.”  By that time, one of the policemen went inside the house for regular checking and found a photograph of same women…