A Mysterious Creature and I

Last Sunday, I was taking a walk around the garden and I came across a butterfly bearing dark brown outlines and black circles on the lower half of the wings and three to four small circles on the upper half of the wings. But to my sadness, one of her wings was little broken. I thought of helping that creature. Then, I caught it and put it on the rose flower that was near to the ground. I was admiring the view. After few seconds, I noticed that the butterfly flew a little to sat on the higher flower and then again to the leaf next to that flower. Keeping up with the slow pace, butterfly reached to the highest flower. I was noticing that whole incident and one thing struck me that we all need a little push in our lives. A trustworthy support system is required to get us out of the difficult situation. But one should keep in mind that unless we don't give our input as well, we won't gain anything. Once we have realized which path we have to follow, we can make progress even if we take smaller steps but at the end what matter is that we are progressing from our current state. So keep progressing and don’t forget to be thankful for the one who has helped you in your difficult times. 



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