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Just Like That

“Hey, open the door.” He said as he peeped in from the window glass. She was staring right at him through window glass, unaware of his identity even her own also. She was trying to remember who he was, suddenly she thought of him as a serial killer of whom she had heard yesterday on the radio. She was scared. She was out of options to help herself. She was waving her hands signaling him to stay away from her but he was trying hard to convince her for opening door. She grabbed the phone and called 911 for help. Within a coming minute, police were there. He was scared to see the sight in front of him. One of the policemen grabbed him and pinned him down on the grass. He kept on saying that he was innocent but all in vain. She stepped outside the house along with a policeman. “Yes, he was trying to kill me. He was knocking the door so hard that I almost got a heart attack.”  By that time, one of the policemen went inside the house for regular checking and found a photograph of same women…