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Traces of Happiness

Light is vanishing from every corner Where have you gone? I am left behind to track the traces of happiness How much far to go? How much more to explore? My strength is dying inside Come back and give me some hope To live the life with all I have, With all you have left behind Show me the way to find you For I have lost the zeal Lost the desire to live without thee Come and hold my hand Drag me out of the drain Bestow me with thy love And the dream of you embracing me

Live your Dreams

A dream is made of several thoughts knitted together to form a beautiful world that is able to give divine comfort. The people often stop their selves from day dreaming, but why? Why we are afraid of watching dreams with open eyes? The great artists, writers and thinkers let their mind wander in all direction and as a result, they give the world a beautiful masterpiece. So, why we are blocking ourselves? Let your mind stray and collect those spectacular thoughts so that you can fly in your own world.

Let your eyes see the dreams. May your dreams come true.