No Thief in REAL

The surge was so heavy that I was no longer able to bear it. I shook it off and entered the house from the back door. I was surprised to that the door was open. Why these people have not cared about closing it. Well, it felt into my side. I opened it very slowly so that even squealing won’t be loud to wake anybody. The Lights were off and I was taking footsteps carefully. There were cupboards halfway on the walls and a center table approximately 5-6 meters long and 4 meters wide. I slid my hand covered with gloves on it knowing that it won’t leave any clue there, just to investigate about the material on the table. It was a solid table with wooden cupboards beneath and ceramic top. I carefully slid inside in the main hall. It was huge magnificent. The drops of perspiration were shining on my forehead. I was tensed and scared as to what will be the result. I bumped into a flower vase and it felt down. I was shocked with the noise it has made but to my surprise, none was awakened. There was no disturbance in the environment despite the noise. There were stairs in the middle of the main hall that got divided in the end to two rooms. I selected the right room first. It intrigued me to go for the right room. My instinct told me that that room has valuable things. I went inside the room and see a large cupboard. It was locked. So, I tried to open it with my keys set. One of the key fits in and the cupboard was unlocked. As I opened it, I saw a huge sum of money, bundles of the currency notes were lying there and 5 gold sets were there. I opened my bag and put all money into it. I was about to grab the gold set as someone switched on the light. My eyes filled with terror and my mind went numb. As I turned around, a little girl was standing here. She was holding a doll in her left hand and she was standing near the door. She looked terrified.

When I turned, she jumped towards me and hugged me tightly, saying,” Papa, Papa, there is someone in the kitchen. I heard it.”  I looked around and I was terrified to see my photograph in the room next to a lady and the same little girl. The girl grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the kitchen and I was unable to understand what was going on. Suddenly when I went near stairs, somebody stabbed me from behind with a knife. I fumbled on my way and as I turn around I saw the same lady in the photograph standing there with the knife. She took my bag and gets hold of the little girl and ran away. I stumbled down the stairs and hit the aquarium. All of the water gets over me and I woke up with a sudden gasp. I was awestruck when I woke up from the dream.


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