1.    Get up by 6 or 6:30 AM. It is the golden rule to have more time for you.

2.    Do a little bit of stretching and exercise or at least go for a walk.

3.    Get a good bath.

4.    Pamper yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.

5.    Make yourself a good breakfast because you deserve it.

6.    Get ready for the day. Dress perfectly and smell nice.

7.    Go to your work and greet everybody with a big smile. Don’t forget to take their names. It makes the bond stronger and you will be benefited in long run. Trust me.

8.    Plan what you will accomplish today. Keep it less so that you can feel energetic all through the day. To-do list can be improvised later as well. So for the first time, keep it short.

9.    Set realistic goals. Measure the time taken to each and every task and set the timings accordingly.

10.    Since you are very energetic in the first half of the day so try to tackle difficult task first and leave the easiest one for the other half of the day.

11.    Don’t pressurize yourself to finish the task but take regular pauses in between so that your body and mind can be at peace with the environment. But try to finish the task in designated time.

12.    Eat a healthy lunch but keep it light. Have fruits or salad. More of the oily things will make you sluggish for the rest of the day.

13.    After lunch, take a round of the corridor so that you can gain the energy unless you will feel sleepy soon.

14.    Maintain proper intake of the water. It will keep you fresh all day long. It is better to keep de-toxicate water with yourself. Put a cucumber, some slices of lemon and basil leaves in the water and keep it overnight. This water can be used on the very next day.

15.    Keep track of what you have done. It will give you work satisfaction. Who doesn't like to cut the work from To-do list?

16.    At the end of the day, check what have you done and what needs to be done next day. Keeping report of your working schedule will help you track your activity level.

17.    While leaving office, say a warm goodbye to all.

18.    Leave all your work tensions in the office and done drag them to your home. Home is the place where you need to relax and detoxify your mind. So give yourself some time to settle in and indulge in an aroma bath or ordinary as well.

19.    Have dinner before sunset and give your body some time to digest all you have eaten. Cherish some family time.

20.    Read yourself a good book at night and have a sound sleep so that your body can repair itself for next day work.


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