How To Help Each Other

How to help each other?

Is it easy to talk to God? I have tried many times but I can’t. Does that make me a bad soul or I am just ignorant towards the signs God is sending me? I always wished to talk to the Almighty and ask him few questions but that was not easy and still, I am struggling for the same. Few corrupt souls in front of me are living peacefully while; few of good souls are even scared to laugh. Why such disparity and who creates it? If the God is creating everything then why He is not maintaining balances between the two different people? People who are just confined in their own world and think that only they are helpless while others are enjoying, why can’t they see rest of the world? Everybody is living their own fair share of hell, why can’t everybody else understand it and help each other to get the life back on track? Why despite having so many sufferings, people are still on the same old path of foolishness?
These are the questions for which I am worried and want answers. None is spared from the materialistic world as everybody is tangled among these questions. Few or more but these are the crux of most of the sufferings of people.

So how can we help each other??


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