Conditioning Of The Brain

Have you ever come across the questions like what to do with the two hands that God has given us? What is the main purpose of the brain? The hands that God has given us are to push aside the obstacles that come in our way of achieving our goals. The brain that we possess is to stimulate positive responses whenever we encounter the obstacles and it provides us with the solution to overcome them. So the brain is the master mind and we have to condition it for our own good. There is nothing like bad or good in the world. If the thing serves our purpose then it’s good otherwise it is bad. So it is our brain’s response towards the things. So if we condition our brain to stop latching on the negative side and start constructing the dreams with positive things then we will be able to be on the top notch. Think of everything as a stair towards your aim and soon you will realize that everything that happens around us is pushing us or guiding us towards our goals. Most of the people that successful in their respective fields have conditioned their brains to think only in the direction of their goals. They have put their brains to better use and now they are reaping the benefits. We are no different from them; we are also capable of doing things that they have done. May be we can achieve better than them. All we have to do is to try harder. There is nothing like you don’t have time, you have your whole life laid before you and you can put efforts to get what you desire. The only thing that will make difference is the conditioning of your brain. So, condition it well and put it to work. 


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