A LOVELY CREATION BY J.T. PRICHETT (GUEST BLOGGER http://jsweetblog25.blogspot.com/ ):-

The wind blew strong with the waves roaring like a bear
My fingers and limbs numbed from the icy air
One wrong move and my life would disappear
Fear not, for time is at a stop, and what appeared?
A mirror? 
A mirror with reflections so clear
Me a boy? 
In a time when hope was near!
So suddenly It dawned on me the path to steer
And the boy spoke aloud so yes I did hear
Never give up he screamed!  
Deeper the breath I pulled back my tears
Land ahoy! 
At last my heart filled with cheer
How close to death I had come...
If for not for that little boy in the mirror.

By J. T. Prichett  


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