Let's help each other..

Grab a notebook and pen. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Writing helps you in relieving the vague thoughts from your mind. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit outside in the evening and enjoy the views. After some time you will feel free and relieved.
Now, concentrate on those aspects of your life that are creating the ruckus. Some of us will be tired of same work routines; other might be disturbed because of their unhealthy relations. There will be so many causes that are creating blunders in your life.  Pick one among them that need your immediate attention. Write down why it is bothering you. List all of its disadvantages and advantages as well.

Let me know what is bothering you so much so that we can sort it out together.. write us at lourawine@gmail.com

share and so that we can help each other...


  1. It's best habbit to try to pull out from these aspects and become like guide in finding ways. We all need that someone special forever in bad and happy moments......


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