Don't Judge Others

Why people judge somebody so quickly? It is very hard to find out what turmoil is going inside a person. The one who refuses to whine about petty issues is always the one considered as a stubborn person. Well, in most of the cases, it is not so. Some people chose not to show their feelings to others. It is also the case, that person is fighting hard for the survival and shut oneself from the outer world. They try to pull themselves from the wounds of past or their complexities. Do not misunderstand them as cold-hearted people. All they need is some time and some space to find out the solution to their problems themselves. We came across many people who say that they do not care about certain things or people. We quickly judge them by thinking of that person to be egoistic or arrogant without knowing the cause of that behavior. It might be possible that their expectations or their dreams had been shattered in the past and they are no longer in position to trust that particular thing or person. But we have blamed them without any reason. 

It is a high time that we should stop judging people and let them sort out their problems on their own. It will be better if we can help them anyhow but giving them different titles will only affect their motivation level. 

So, be a friend, a motivator or even a supporter of the person next to you. You may never know what that person is going through on the mental level.


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