Five things to do in a Day

We have been so much engulfed with the aims and objectives of the life, and when we cannot fulfill our dreams, we often feel frustrated. This happens to each and everybody at some point in time. What can we do about it? I guess, we cannot change the things as they are but we can modify them a little.

Here are five things out of my schedule, 

1.    Wake up early to buy yourself enough time to make your breakfast by yourself. Make something tasty and healthy for yourself. This will helps you to feel independent. It might be a small thing for many but it is a big step towards taking control of your life.

2.    Next thing you can do is to dress nicely so that when you look into the mirror, you should feel proud of yourself. There is no need to go overboard but dress as per the occasion. Work magic with the colors, this can make you feel more lively.

3.    Make a to-do list and stick to it. Keep on crossing the things that you have done in the day, and revisit your list after regular interval of time to keep track of it. When you will see how much you have done and accomplished throughout the day, you will feel energize and motivated.

4.     Write a journal at the end of the day and state what you have learned, seen, or felt today. Also, mention what is bothering you even if you were unable to find the solution for that problem. Read your journal on weekly basis and keep a record of your personal growth. As they say, when you read it, like after a month or a year, you will find that you have wasted your time bothering about these small things.

5.    Once in a day, indulge in the activities that interest you, it could be anything, like writing an article, playing games, cooking, planting, calling nears and dears etc. Do not push yourself to work all day because that will kill your productivity. This time off from your busy schedule will act as an energy booster for you. But keep a check on your leisure time and try to spend it while learning something new or related to your hobby.

A healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved just by reading an article but by implementing the things in the way that can comfort you. Everybody has different stamina and priorities, so consider these suggestions as a base and make your own list.

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