The Power of Efforts

Why are we not succeeding? Why our inputs are not giving us the required outputs? Why is it that we are pursuing our dreams but still on the same page of the life?
All these questions lead to only one thing, “whether we are making enough efforts?”
Whenever we are not getting desired results then it is the time when we need to check our strategy. We need to assess the proficiency of our efforts.

 When we are not getting what we want then it means following things:-

1.    Problem:- This is not our chosen path. We have been forcing ourselves on it or someone else is forcing us to follow it. All of these things will lead to emptiness.
Solution:-  Human beings have a beautiful gift and that is to make their own decisions. We can create our own path. Chose your goals, whether they are small or big. It doesn’t matter. Take your time and plan it.

2.    Problem:- We are copying some person. We want to be like him/her.
Solution:- God has made us unique and there is no need for two copies of the same person. If that would have been the case, God might have made you the twin of that person. So, stop torturing yourself. Start working on yourself and be the latest version of yourself every day.

3.    Problem:- We are riding two boats at a time. Multitasking is good but when it comes to accomplishing goals then we should concentrate on our aim only.

Solution:- divide your plan into small steps and work on them. If you will be focusing on two tasks at a time then efficiency will be lost in between. Results will not be as you would have wanted them to be. So, prioritize the work and finish the urgent one before anything else. So, prioritizing is the key here.

 Hope it will help you sort out your schedule somehow. You can plan the things firstly, in order to make your efforts fruitful.


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