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Today I noticed, the more you indulge in taking care of yourself, the more you feel positive. Taking control of your life and your happiness will make you feel empowered throughout the day. I have too much on my plate to do like making green tea in the morning, making healthy breakfast, doing makeup, getting ready for work, taking care of dear ones, writing a blog, learning new stuff regularly, getting a daily dose of news and much more. Although these are the small things still sometimes I have felt out of control. Even the little things in our life need to be taken care of.  So, even if you think it is tiny, start taking charge of it because achieving bigger starts with the small achievements. One cannot be at the top of the game in just a click; it takes lots of hard work and planning. Thus, it is your habits that make you a person you ever want to be. So, if you are in line with your habits then the possibility of enjoying the life you want increases. For example, I want to lead a busy as well as meaningful life, where I can feel that I have achieved something every day. So, I try to indulge myself more and more into learning things. Mere watching the “how to do” tutorials cannot make you perfect in that unless you do not do that stuff practically. You know the bright side of trying new things is that you will be able to access your ability. You can check in which area you are good at and work can be planned accordingly.
So, it doesn’t matter on which position you are, you have to keep on learning new stuff to avoid stagnancy. We cannot step back from our daily routine because that is what we are designed for. We have to work smarter or harder, we have to earn well to live well, we have to socialize enough to avoid the frustration of being alone. But apart from all this, what we can do for ourselves is to make time to learn new things. It will not only be the escape from daily life but it can also give a new direction to it.

Keep learning and keep excelling.


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