What is bragging? Why do people brag? What is the motive behind it? What are outcomes of this?

Bragging or boasting is talking about one’s own self excessively with pride. The person wants to show others that he is more successful, happier, energetic or whatsoever good as compared to them. It is a bad habit that is addictive as well. It is often a picture of stubborn and rude behavior as well. Such kinds of people are often termed as “drains” and people try to ignore them.
It is a constant need for a satisfaction that makes people brag. In order to increase their status, they brag; whereas deep inside they are empty. They rely on others for the survival of their ego. But the results are often dreadful. People who are around such people try to ignore them, build hatred feeling for them, curse them, etc.

However, we should not disregard the other side of the story. Such people are in constant need of attention or approval from others. They do not feel full in their own zone, they need an intermittent praise. Validations from others often work and that is why people are addicted to it. It is the insecurity that speaks aloud in such scenarios. Like the proverb says, an empty vessel makes much noise.
It is easy to figure it out on a personal level. One must always start by examining their own actions on what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the result of such thinking is. An answer to such questions will lead you to some self-discovery. Even if, we are in touch with such person, then we must make that person aware of this habit, because of course, we don’t want to lose a person to such bad habits.

How to stop bragging on a personal level:-

1.    Measure the depth of your actions. Rather than seeking validation from people, seek your own validation which is very strong one. Keep outgrowing your own expectations.
2.    Stop telling everyone about your success. Let your success make the noise and not your words.
3.    Do not belittle anyone. As you don’t know in which boat they are sailing in.
4.    Do not let yourself be a victim of others thinking. If they have any thoughts about you then you simply cannot change it. Let them be on their own.
5.    Stop interfering in people’s lives and they will not interfere with yours. Yes, it a give and take relation.
6.    Stop being dependent on people. It will relax you for while but soon you will seek more.

How to help others stop bragging:-

1.    Make them aware of their habit.
2.    Do not indulge in an argument with them as it will not get you both anywhere. You cannot change their habit in one go. It will take time.
3.    Let them engulf this fact by themselves that no external appreciation is required.
4.    Let them know when you feel offended with their act of speech.
5.    Let them know about the pit in which they are falling or they are dragging their-selves.

Habits cannot be changed in one go but a little step in direction of change can bring a lot of improvements.


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