The Subconscious Mind

Daily Journal Entry  date 9/5/18
Subject:- The Subconscious Mind (My findings from Daily Reading)

           “For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he.”

It means that whatever you think in your subconscious mind, you become that in reality. Whatever affirmations you are passing through your mind become your reality. Stop feeding your brain with negativity. Start imagining the things that you want to have. Start living in the imagination that you are thinking in the deepest corner of your mind. Let your imagination be your reality. The things that you are getting are as a result of the information that you are giving consciously or unconsciously to your brain. If your brain is capable of giving you so much just on the bases of your negative thoughts alone then think about the possibility of achieving your goals with your positive imagination alone.

How you can do it:-
1.    Start with making your own affirmations. It could be anything but it should have to be simple enough for your mind to engulf it.
  §  Like, start by saying that your health is good and you are in good shape of mind and body both. You are enjoying your current state of healthy living.
  §  It could be anything like this. You can start considering your career goals as well.
2.    Repeat your affirmation whenever you feel surrounded by negative thoughts. Repeat them loud and clear in your mind; not actually loud. It should be kept within yourself.
3.    Start imagining the outcomes and the happiness that it will bring to you.
4.    Repeat it anytime that you get out of your schedule.
5.    Your subconscious mind works better when you are in a state where you are just about to sleep. Make a vivid picture of your outcomes during that state. Consider the exact words that you will say then, exact reactions that you will have at that point in time.

Believe, and same shall be done to you.

It is worth giving a short. If not in your favor, it will not do you any harm as well. 


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